Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get support?

All of our licenses include access to free ticket based technical support that is offered 24 X 7. And also we add a FAQs section on our website, where you can find almost solution of your issue or get answer of your questions. If not, then you are able to ask from us using Ticket, Live Chat or Skype. We will be happy to answer your questions.

What is the set-up time (For RDP and VPS)?

All Services gets activated automatically After successful payment verification. (Mostly In 10-15 Minutes) However, Some Payment Gateways take more time to confirm payment. If you didn’t get the log in details in 0-2 hours, please contact sales via ticket or live chat.

How often do you reboot the servers?

No, we don’t need to reboot the server. Your server is managed by experienced system admin. They fix most of the issue without rebooting the server. However, reboot is necessary then first of all we will inform you to save you work.

How do I get support related to my Account or Server?

Raising a support request is very easy, just login to the Client Area with your login credentials and click on Submit Ticket option. Select the appropriate department basis the support you need; we will try our best to answer tickets ASAP, our average first response time is 2 hours.

Do you charge any set-up fees?

No, we do not charge anything extra to set-up your account. It is absolutely free.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my services?

Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your services any time you wish; we will not charge extra to move your data from one service to another.
Your invoice will be adjusted basis the difference between current service price and future service price.

Do you offer any free trial for new users?

Yes we provide trails for new users for this you need to contact our sales.

Do you offer any money back guarantee?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with services you can request money back in 24 hours of your service.

Can I return product if I change my mind?

You can ask for refund withing 24 hours of your service activation. After 24 hours you can request for exchange your service and we will upgrade your product in minimum time.

Which Payment Gateway do you accept ?

We have multiple payment gateway like PayPal, Payza, Bitcoins, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, Skrill, Indian cards and wallets. We also accept Indian Bank Transfer or NEFT. In case if your payment gateway is not mention here, then you just need to open support ticket for new payments.

What if I opened a dispute without contacting the staffs, Now?

Opening dispute without any reason or even opening dispute after using our services in order to get your money back will not help. Doing so will result in money not being refunded and RDP/VPS will also get terminated.
You agreed to follow our ToS and Refund Policy during payment, hence Refunds will only be made based on our Refund Policy.

What Is RDP Server (Remote Desktop Server) & For What Purpose RDP Used ??

RDP Server Is Just Like Your Personal Computer. The Main Difference Between In Personal Computer & RDP Server Is Speed. RDP Server Have Powerful System Hardware And Configuration. Like RAM, HDD, CPU, Better Than Your Personal PC. RDP Server Can Be Used at Same To By Many Users For Working Separately. Now a Days RDP Used Widely Around The World For Blogger, Encoders, Uploaders, Torrenters, YouTubers And Many More Categories. RDP Used for Uploading/Downloading Software, Movies, Torrents Etc. Also Used for Encoding Videos for Fast Encoding. If You’re Website Developer, Website Designer, Freelancer, Digital Marketer Then You Need a RDP for get RID of Load Shedding/Power Loss and Never Lose Your Online Work Again and Work in Powerful Systems. RDP Server Runs 24×7/365 Days. In RDP Server You Will Get Minimum 1 GB Internet Speed & 64 GB Maximum Ram.

Accessing RDP and VPS thorug PC?

On Windows PC: We use Remote Desktop Connection Tool.
Steps are as follows:-

  1. First go to on start menu and search for Remote desktop Connection.
  2. Once find, open it and Enter Use your IP that is provided in your Email into the Computer filed & click connect.
  3. After that you will be asked for login credentials, enter them and you will be connected.

Note : XP users must install This Software to connect.
On Mac PC:  Please Download and install This Software to connect.

Accessing RDP and VPS Server through Mobile

We Use Microsoft Remote Desktop application for connecting.
Links are here:
Microsoft Remote Desktop For iPhone
Microsoft Remote Desktop For Windows
Microsoft Remote Desktop For Android

When and Where do I receive my login information of My Services?

You will receive your login details and instructions via email shortly after we have reviewed your payment information.

What about my data storage disk, Is it will be visible to other users?

You will get a separate storage drive with your windows RDP Account which can only be accessed by you. So, No other user can access or see your data. We respect your privacy.
The size of store drive will depend on the Plan you ordered.

Which thins are not allowed in RDP?

Brute forcing / Mass Mailing / Nets can / Hack programs and archives, Malicious Scripts (ex: originate DDoS attacks or hack attempts), Botnet/Doorway/Carding. Using RDP as Seed box. If found using or doing any of the above, your account will be banned

Can I Install Software in RDP?

All basic required applications are pre-installed in RDP like browser, torrent clients, FTP clients, internet download manager, etc.But  If you didn’t find your required software you can ask support anytime to install your required software.They will install it if your software will not violates our terms of service

What kind of software are not allowed in RDP?

Webserver Software like XAMMP, WAMMP will not be installed in our RDP Servers. You are not allowed to use hacking tools such as Brute forcing tools, Port Scanning (NAMP). All kinds of resource intensive software are also not allowed

Do you allow portable application?

Please Ask support before Running any portable application. we will allow if it not violates our terms of service

Is IP Shared among users?

Yes, IP is shared among the users who are on the same RDP Server. If you want dedicated Or Personal IP then you need to look for VPS Plans.

What is a VPS and what I will get in VPS plan?

In VPS (Virtual Private Server) resources are not shared. VPS comes with full administrator access. You can install software, configure the server as per your requirement. Also, you will get private IP.

Can I do encoding / Ripping / Bitcoin/Mining?

Yes, you can do encoding / ripping / Bitcoin Mining in your VPS Plans.

Can I reboot my VPS whenever I want?

Yes, you can reboot your VPS whenever you want through VPS panel provided to you.

Can I host website in Windows VPS ?

Yes, you can.

Can I get any other OS in VPS?

Yes, you can choose your Operating System which one you would like to use at time of ordering.

Which plan is better (RDP Vs. VPS)?

It depends for what purpose you want to use server. If you want complete control of the Server and private IP address, you should probably go for VPS.
If you want shared server with high configuration for downloading, uploading or encoding purpose, you should look for various RDP plans.